Marine Survey

A marine survey is a detailed inspection and inventory of a vessel. There are different aspects of a marine survey for different purposes. It is very important to understand that surveys are conducted using the standards of the American Boat & Yacht Council and the National Fire Protection Association. Below is a brief summary of what you might need:

Generally this type of survey is performed before someone purchases a vessel. It is an extrememly detailed inspection and report of the vessel and all its systems. Our report is accepted by all financial institutions and insurance companies.

Insurance inspection:
Commonly referred to as a condition and valuation this type of inspection is generally a safety inspection of the vessel for insurance companies. Usually when a vessel owner wants to insure their vessel with a different insurance company or the insurance company requires one, this is the type of inspection that is completed. All insurance companies accept our report.

Usually when a vessel is donated or an estate valuation is needed an appraisal inspection would be used. This is an inventory of all the items on the vessel with photos and a detailed description of the vessel.

All of the above surveys include a report, photos and a fair market value of the vessel.